The League of Veteran Journalists as a body of senior and legitimate stakeholders in the
Nigerian project is worried like many other Nigerians of stable and reasonable minds over recent
developments on the political scene in the country.
The Leagues in a statement signed by its chairman, prince Wale Adele and PRO, Dr. Bayo
Busari condemned the turning of political affiliation into a joke and reducing serious national
matters to mere riddles and on the altar of personal ego and aggrandisement for selfish political
The veteran journalists observed with serious concern that in all the issues that are causing
disaffection among the politicians, none was about the welfare of the ordinary Nigerian who
sinks deeper into the abysmal of lack in all facets of life.
The association said it recognises the right of every Nigerian to belong to any political party of
his choice, but strongly believes politicians can handle the affairs in a better and decent manner
rather than the theatrics show of absurd which the issue has assumed.
The body however said the exercise of such right should not be conducted in such a manner that
will turn the country into a laughing stock in the comity of nations as is the present in the
The veteran journalists viewed that the democratic journey embarked upon by the country since
1999 has not yielded the expected returns, compared to what Nigerians have invested.
The body noted that the recent crisscrossing by politicians in the country only portends that
politicians are only out to feather their nests at the expense of the downtrodden.
“The problems being experienced in the political circle have manifested as orchestration by
“We condemn the desperation of the political class to manipulate the system for personal gains.
“The mass of Nigerians are yet to reap the fruit of their investment in terms of hope for a country
of their dream, security of life and property, social amenities, infrastructural development among
others,” the statement said.
The association therefore charged Nigerians of voting age to take advantage if the window of
opportunity provided by the ongoing voter registration to their permanent voter’s card for them
to be able to vote for candidates of their choice who would control the destiny of about
200million Nigerians after the next year’s general elections.
Prince Wale Adele & Dr. Bayo Busari


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