The Secretary to the Oyo state Government, Alhaji Olalekan Alli has professed his intent to join  the governorship contest in the state under the platform of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) in 2019

Alli, made his intention known in a letter addressed to APC frontrunners which was made available to Space FM 90.1

According to him, he seeks to ensure continuous security, safety, and prosperity of the citizenry.

In his letter, he said “It is therefore with this sense of responsibility that I humbly convey my aspiration and offer my candidacy for the service of our state as its next governor. This shall be at the expiration of the unprecedented and highly impactful two-term tenure of our distinguished and acclaimed leader.

“Taking off from the foundation load by our mentor, we shall ensure the continuous security, safety, welfare wellbeing and prosperity of the citizenry; as we further the engendering of inclusive growth and development of the state.


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