echukwu claims he was kidnapped and extorted by SARS operatives


Nigerian rapper Ikechukwu recently took to social media with a post in which he recounted his harrowing experience with operatives of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS).

The rapper explained that he was kidnapped on the night of Wednesday, September 4, by SARS operatives, just a few blocks from his residence.

He said he was afterwards driven all the way to Lagos Island, where he was made to forcefully give out his ATM allowance or lose his life without anyone knowing about had happened.

Explaining further, the music star condemned the government and submitted that nobody, regardless of status is safe from becoming a victim of SARS officers.

“Let me tell u now straight up. I do not care who you are, if you are rolling solo in this town and SARS get you in the day or night. If they get your phone, it is over for you. They do not have names or numbers on their uniforms,” he said

The rapper divulged that the officers tried to accuse him of a crime he was completely innocent of, despite the fact that they knew who he was. He said after they had extorted him, they started making petty jokes and even payed him to introduce them to Don Jazzy.


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