About Us

Space FM 90.1 is a leading interactive and grassroots development focused radio station working 24 hours to ensure a well-informed populace. A well-informed populace begins with the right of citizens to participate in decision making processes in their communities, being able to lend a voice to political, economic and social issues, and become active participants in governance at all levels.

Space FM 90.1 has since inception work to improve the level of political awareness of the people in various communities. Educating the masses through our very interactive programming requires a consistent and holistic appraisal of the issues whose goal is to produce results and monitor effects.

Space FM 90.1 also partner with leaders, thinkers, policy makers, agencies, and NGO’s to advance the course of development in our various communities.

Our news will be truthful, balanced and issue oriented. Our in-depth researched programmes will be professionally scheduled and advertised and will reflect social, economic and political needs and aspirations of the people. Through well motivated workforce, we shall maintain a strong brand.

Creative non-partisan programming that inspires and promotes development of the community and the Station.

Our Programmes
To satisfy our market we broadcast in 3 (three) languages- 20% English 50%Yoruba (and including some dialects)and 30% Pidgin-English.
The coverage of news events and happenings is based on truthful objective and balanced report ageas they affect the lives of the people.
Our news reportage is in three fold 70% Local (covering some dialects)20% National and 10% International.

Our Core Values
*News/program items shall be free of any inducement (cash and kind)
*Our workforce being our greatest asset shall be adequately motivated
*Guests/visitors shall be well received and treated
*Our corporate social responsibility shall impact positively on our immediate environment.
*We shall maintain religious and political neutrality.

Connect with us

Studio Lines (local callers) : 07052564984, 022918712 & 09035538293. WhatsApp no: 09038007224 Studio Lines (Intl. callers) : 234(0)8161325587 & 234(0)7084294046. Advert Placement/Sponsorship : 07046333572, 07046333577, [email protected] For Any Info/News Report [email protected], [email protected], Call 022913494. Eye Witness [email protected], Call 022913494.


Ibadan Office
136, Liberty Road, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria
Tel : 022913494, 022913495
Email: [email protected]

Lagos Office
1, Ladipo Oluwole Street, Off Adeniyi Jones,
Ikeja, Lagos. Tel : 01 4540460